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Eliza Bliss Divorce

Eliza Bliss was the daughter of Norman Bliss Sr. and Sariah Lewis. I can find no record of her marriage, but here is her divorce at age 16 [she delivered a child couple of months after her divorce] Document is transcribed line by line as it appeared in the filmed record.

Film # 0482034

Millard County Utah Courthouse Filed at Fillmore July 5, 1966

Probate Court Record Book C, December 12, 1870 – November 18, 1887

p 136

Territory of Utah} Probate Court in and

Millard County} for Said County. Special

term May 15th 1872 at 11. A.M.

Hon Edw Partridge Judge

Case of }

Eliza Bliss }

V.S. } Demand a ridivision(sic) of

Michael Kain} Property

The Petition of Eliza Bliss was read by the


The parties were ready for trial and the witnesses

were present.

Eliza Bliss said she was married to Michael Kain and

lived with him six months, I was scared, by

parties saying saying (sic) if this case went to Fillmore

my character would be down forever.

Wm R Teeples as the third man he advised them

to make it up and live together. But Kain would not

make up. Eliza was willing to try it longer. He

advised them to settle it themselves, as Kain offered her

$50.00. Father Harmon said, that is a liberal offer.

He Teeples, said he be damned if he thought it was right.

We signed the division of property, but it was made

by themselves and not by us as Refferees (sic). Wee (sic) thought

there was some undue influences used to make her

sign the agreement. After he gave a cow he thought

it was liberal.

Sidney Teeples gave testimony that would tend to urge

her to accept the offer of Kain. He thought she was frigh-

tened to accept, by Father Harmon and her Mother. The hous

hold (sic) property was worth $35.00

Deposition of Nicholas Teeples was read

page 137

Michale Cain said he came here 2 ½ years ago. I got acq-

uainted with Miss Bliss and married her. He tried to have her

do right so people would have no excuse to talk about him,

she said a man came to her and offired(sic) her money and her

mother sent him. This man wanted her to go to salt Kaynon

with him. I could not stand it any longer. She said

her mother gave her poison to give to him and he was

afraid of his life. She would take laudanum

and have

fits and run out into the Cedars. She took Poison again

and tried to die. She would throw things in the fire and

burn them up when she got mad. She stole a dollars

of Mrs. Colby, she also stole factory. She never told one

one(sic) truth while we lived together.

Deposition of Nancy Harmon [and of

Letty Stevens were read by the clerk

E. E. Dodge said the, matter was settled by

the parties to their satisfaction. He never heard a

word said to intimidate her. Father Harmon said

he thought it was a liberal offer.

Jesse P. Harmon never heard a word said to frighten


Ransford Colby gave evidence corroberating(sic)

Kains statement

Margret Colby gave the same testimony

Sarah Tyler her mother never said a word to intimidate her

non did any one else in my hearing.

Naomy Colby said he talked very bad to Kain.

David Savage for the Plaintiff made some


Isiah Huntsman for the Defendant made

some remarks

Court took the case under advisement until next

Saturday the 18th day of May inst.[within the same month]] at 10 A. M.

Court adjourned sine die [without day]

Edward Partridge [signature] Probate Judge

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